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Welcome to the NEW official Neuqua Valley High School Ultimate Frisbee Club homepage! The NV Ultimate Frisbee Club is the premiere Ultimate Frisbee Club in the Chicagoland area. This is a spring club started in 2008 by Neuqua Valley student Ben Rehmann and science teacher Arnoush Javaherian (aka"Java"). This site it dedicated to the NV Ultimate Frisbee Club and provides history, news, pictures, videos, schedules, and much more information about the club. .

The game of Ultimate Frisbee is a game based on sportsmanship. It is an extremely physical sport requiring a great deal of running, jumping, and agility. The game is a combination of soccer, football, and basketball in that you have a field the length of a football field and the object is to score enough "points" in order to win the game. It is an up-and-coming sport which has grown in popularity over the past few years.

SPRING SEASON (our main season) 

Our club mainly evolves around the spring high school season. This runs from the beginning of March until the first week of June. During this time, everyone makes the club as we do not have any cuts and everyone plays on a team leageus and tournaments. Several teams are made which will play games against other schools and continue to grow and improve. We have boys teams and girls teams. 

We practice March through May after school on our practice fields located behind Neuqua Valley High School on the Frontier Fields. 

We are involved in the Chicago High School Ultimate League (CHSUL) which is a new league started up in 2010 and now has about 24 high schools involved in it. We play games every week in this league.

In addition, we play in many tournaments across the Midwest. All players play in the Illinois State Championship that takes place in May to see who the best team in Illinois is (which we have won three years in a row). The top teams (A, B, and Girls) also play in the Madison Mudbath tournament which takes place late April in Madison, WI and has schools involved from as far away as Colorado. There are also other tournaments our top teams play in such as the Paideia Cup, Hopkins Hustle, and Central Championship.

We also do a club retreat to Wisconsin. This was an amazing experience as it provides our club an opportunity to build trust, bond, and have a great time. We play a lot of Ultimate, hang out, go bowling, and just have fun. It is a great, great weekend!

Now Year Round Programs!!!

In addition to this spring high school season, we are now officially year round. This is due to added leagues and events throughout the year. This includes the following below. 

In the fall, we run two leagues, the Wildcat Youth League and the Fall High School League. The Youth Ultimate Frisbee League is a league for 4th-8th graders. This league is run two days a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) after school from 4:00-6:00pm. We run practices with drills and scrimmages, and then split up into teams and have games between one another. We then have a huge tournament with other youth teams in the Chicago area.

For the Fall High School League, players from around the Chicago area can sign up and then are randomly put onto teams. The teams then play each other twice a week over the course of eight weeks with a playoff at the end where one of the teams is crowned champion. 

In the winter, we run a Winter High School Indoor League and a Winter Youth Indoor League which are run at Players Indoor Sports Center in Naperville, IL. This league is run virtually the exact same as the Fall Leagues except of course it takes place indoors during the winter months. 

In the summer,  we run a Wildcat Summer Camp for two weeks over the summer which is a smash hit every year! We had plenty of middle school and even elementary school students sign up as well as high school players. This is an amazing time to help grow the sport of Ultimate.


The growth of the club has been phenomenal as we have gone from 48 students our first year, to over TWO HUNDRED the past two years. We have consistently improved with time and look forward to getting even better. In 2010, we won our first championship as we beat Lake Park 13-8 to win the CUJO Championship. In 2011, we won our first Illinois State Championship 13-9 over Jacobs High School. Since then, we have been improving as we won the state championship three years in a row. We also have many alumni that are playing at elite levels at both the college and club levels. We are very proud of our alumni and know they represent our club in the best way possible!

Our coaching staff consists of Head Coach Arnoush Javaherian ("Java") as well as many assistant coaches that offer their time because they believe in the sport of Ultimate and in our program. This is a tremendous staff that has been building for a several years now. We should be so fortunate to have so many coaches that want to help our young players get better at the great game of Ultimate and, more importantly, become better people.  

The club is based on having "People of Integrity". The students learn the game of Ultimate and become better at it, but they also learn to become better people. Players learn how to play a game of sportsmanship with respect, ethics and morals. 

It is very exciting where the club is headed to as there are no limits to how good we can be!